For us, RE and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic education) lessons are a central part of our schools’ work. DSWT aims to provide excellent teaching of the Christian faith, and we do this in an engaging and interactive way. 

Our lessons are specially designed to be appropriate for the target age group, whether they are in Year 7 or studying for their A-levels.

The lessons we teach cover a variety of topics and can also be themed to fit in with the Christian calendar. Lessons may range from Science and Religion to Christmas and Easter. They are a great opportunity for young people to engage in a particular topic and ask any questions.

We can also be invited to take part in debate-style lessons as a ‘real-life’ Christian. These “Grill-a-Christian” sessions allow students to express their own opinions and explore the beliefs of others in an open, non-confrontational environment.

We have most recently created 12 lessons to fit in with the new relationships and sex education section of the curriculum.



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